Elvie Breast Pump

Oh my gosh, I have literally been so excited for this little beauty to arrive, I feel like I have bored all of my family and friends telling them all about my new amazing breast pump that’s on the way…I am so pleased it’s here! (I used to get excited for holidays, new plants, food shopping & Homesense trips….Oh how my life has changed!)


Honestly though, this little gadget is a game changer. It is revolutionary!

I used it soon after Arla arrived, I was so nervous, but I had nothing to be nervous about at all! It’s really easy to sterilise & set up, you just boil it for 5 minutes in a pan. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to breast feed or express but Elvie has given me so much confidence & really shown me how easy it is. I really enjoyed expressing for the first time, I didn’t want to stop! (I was sending excited pictures to my mom friends – probably not normal, but I was so proud!) I was only pumping for 10 minutes and expressed just under 100ml – It’s seriously amazing.

My favourite thing is how quiet and discreet it is. I can literally pump at anytime, anywhere as it’s totally silent & they’re no wires to contend with. It’s just really convenient, which is super important to me as a new mum. It slips into my bra easily & it’s really comfortable too.

Its great for a multi-tasking mum. Yesterday I was putting the washing away and vacuuming as I pump, today I’ve been sunbathing & pumping…it’s just great!

If you download the Elvie app, you can connect your phone to control it as it’s pumping. You can monitor milk volume & track the pumping history using the app too. It’s really clever the way it all works & connects together. I’m literally OBSESSED!

I just didn’t expect it to be so easy…

Everything about the pump is amazing and I’ve recommended it to everyone I know (Pregnant or not 😂) It saves so much time & everything about it is perfect. It’s a real investment.

If you have any questions, let me know. I know how scary and daunting it is if you’re a first time mom. There’s always so much to research! 💗



Gifted breast pump from Elvie, all views are my own as always. It’s absolutely amazing!


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