Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fun Toys

Arla is engaging in play more & more everyday at the moment. It literally melts my heart watching her learn new skills & discover new things. Her little eyes light up, it’s just the absolute best seeing her so happy!

I like to try new things with her to make sure she’s always learning, but I’m also super conscious of the environment & making sure we make the right choices to show her how much fun she can have, plastic free! (…which isn’t always easy in the baby world!) 

I’ve been searching for brands who lead the way in ensuring their toys are handmade, eco-friendly & sustainable. I’ve picked out some of my favourites below! 

Pebble Nordic Playmat. Toddlekind £89.99

First things first, we needed a playmat for Arla to play on whilst we’re in the kitchen. 

This playmat from Toddlekind is perfect, it’s so soft & really stylish! It’s great because we can take it anywhere, each tile is 60 x 60cm and they attach together really easily to cover any space. 

 Pom Pom Animal Heads  

N’awwww, aren’t these just the absolute cutest?! 

I found these beautiful little vegan, plastic free garlands over on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. 

I just adore their creations! Kate single handily makes every little face & lovingly sends them out to their new homes. I love my little Herbert & Boho Bunny!

She also makes Pandas, Polar Bears & Koalas. They’re so unique, I’m obsessed! 

Wooden Nautical Baby Swing. Harmony at Home Boutique £49.99

This is absolutely PERFECT for Arla! My mum has a swing seat in her garden & Arla loves it, now she has her very own swing! 

It’s suitable from birth & easily attaches to a tree or beam. She has a great time chilling out in her little baby swing!

Personalised Wooden Balancing Ark. Harmony at Home Boutique £22.50

This is just the cutest! Arla’s a little young to play with it at the moment, but seriously how cute does it look in her room!? It’s ready & waiting for her for when she’s a little older! 

It takes some skills to balance the ark perfectly (it took me three attempts!) I know it’s going to keep her entertained for hours. 

It’s such a lovely gift idea with the personalisation too.

The Lighthouse Puzzle. Avdar Toys

This 21-piece puzzle is great for playtime. Every step of creating this beautiful lighthouse is handmade, you can absolutely tell as it’s such high quality. It’s stunning.

We love adventuring around England, I’m excited to take this little puzzle on a UK escape & find our very own matching lighthouse!

Wooden Wind-up Jet Plane. Kiko & gg €29

Now this is absolutely perfect for our adventurer in the making. How cute is this little plane! 

She’s mesmerised watching me whooshing it around the lounge. She’s going to love going on her first plane journey…I can’t wait! 

It’s available in six different colours. (Black, white, green, blue, pink & yellow)

Camera. Kiko & gg €27


I’m forever taking photos of Arla, the poor little thing is probably always thinking “no more photos please mom!”…I just can’t help it. I love capturing memories & I’m excited for Arla to capture her own in the future! 

…Thanks Kiko & gg for Arlas very first camera! It will forever be her favourite! 

Machi Tiny Town. Kiko & gg €29

I’m a massive advocate of creative play, I can’t wait for Arla to use her imagination & create her own little town with this set! In the meantime I’ve had a great time building it 😂 The pieces are magnetic, it’s so cool & fun to build!

Kiko & gg have lots of different cities you can build to expand your collection. They have Paris, London & New York.

Their toys are all hand-crafted & made with sustainably sourced wood.

Personalised Wooden Rainbow Blocks. Hot Dot Laser £22

A beautiful personalised piece from Hot Dot Laser. They have so many lovely things!

I’ve been looking for a rainbow for Arlas room for a while, I love that she can play with this one as well as it being a beautiful accessory in her room. It’s such a great gift idea too.

Burger Instruments. Kiko & gg €18

Arla LOVES music, we have a set of bells that she’s mesmerised by & I’m trying to find a xylophone & a drum for her. The noisier, the better! (…not for my ears though!) 

She absolutely loves this burger maraca (I’ve told her it’s veggie, she’s happy with that ha ha!) & the chip shaker…I’m desperate to make her giggle & I think singing & dancing with these will be the ticket to the first giggle! 

Wave Stacker. Avdar Toys

Oh look at these cute little fishes! I can’t wait for Arla to learn all about the ocean, these are great place to start! 

I’ve been using them as little props to sing Baby Shark to her until she’s old enough to stack them…It’s her favourite song so of course, she absolutely loves them! 

Teepee Playgym. Scandiborn £35.95 + Baby Gym Toys £30

Arla loves her baby play gym. It’s so pretty & matches the house perfectly. (…Priorities! 😂

It’s great as you can change the toys around depending on the mood she’s in. She likes it more chilled just before bath-time, but in the morning we add fairy lights, more colours & musical toys. It’s fab! 

Lady Bird from Portugal!

Also, shout out to this little ladybird! Our friends bought him home from Portugal & Arla is literally obsessed with him! She loves the bells! 🐞

Blog post in collaboration with the listed brands. All views & opinions are my own, as always!


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  1. Charlotte Dawes
    August 19, 2019 / 5:04 pm

    There are some lovely items here, I love that lots of them are hand-made too!

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