Travelling with a baby


It’s fiiiiiiinally time for our first little trip abroad with Arla.

We’ve been so excited!

I spent A LOT of time googling “travelling with a baby” to try & figure out what we should/shouldn’t be travelling with. (What did we do before google eh!?)

I thought I’d pop together a quick guide including everything we’ve found useful & some must have items to travel with.

The Bugaboo Ant from £449 ↞

The Bugaboo Ant is absolutely amazing & totally perfect for travelling!

It’s super lightweight & easy to fold down making it really easy to carry – It’s the perfect cabin size. We took it on the plane with us as hand luggage. It went in the over head locker with no problems.

It’s super slim which is great for exploring little side streets & popping into little cafes, often we would just use the pushchair as a highchair for her as it pulls upto tables nicely & doesn’t take up too much room.

She happily napped & played in it, giving us time to enjoy some quiet time together and a chance to grab some tapas!

It was a real must have for our trip, we would have really struggled to enjoy ourselves without it.

Me & Quinn raced to fold the Bugaboo, it was so fun! You can see the race over on my Instagram highlight.

Play Pouch UK £37.99 ↞

How nifty is this!? It’s a toy storage bag that opens up to become a play mat!

Life is so fast paced nowadays, with the Play Pouch you can open the bag, play with the toys on the mat & then scoop them all back up again…Isn’t that clever!

Grey Storksak Backpack £85 ↞

This is seriously THE ultimate changing backpack of changing backpacks, it’s genius! It has the most organised pockets, including an insulated bag for food or bottles and a detachable changing mat – Snazzy!

It also attaches to the matching cabin travel bag we have…It just makes life so easy.

Grey Storksak Cabin Bag £150 ↞

This is another dream bag for a traveller. It includes a hanging organiser inside which I’m absolutely obsessed with! The organiser allows you to pack, hang up, and use without unpacking – THE BEST!

Storksak Cabin Carry On BagStorksak Cabin Carry On Bag

Storksak Organic Nursing Shawl Charcoal £35 ↞

This is perfect for on-the-go breastfeeding mums. It’s totally ideally for travelling, especially on a plane! It’s really soft & comfortable making feeding in a public place a breeze.

Storksak Muslin Squares £15 ↞

Every mum has a bag full of Muslins, right? or is that just me!? I don’t leave the house without at least 4 (I don’t know why I do that, I just like to have a spare. Just in case Arla is sick 4 times in a row….hey, you never know!)

MAM Bottles & Soothers

Quinn likes to be able to feed Arla to have extra bonding time, I express milk as often as I can for Quinn to be able to feed her. Holiday is the perfect chance for Quinn to spend more time with Arla, so I’ve packed my Pumpd and Arlas favourite bottles for the trip!

We also packed her favourite soothers. They’ve really helped settle her to sleep whilst she’s in an unfamiliar place.

Pumpd Breastpump by New Edition £15.99 ↞


Pumpd is the new breast pump by New Edition, it’s totally ideal for traveling – It saved us so much room in the case.

With it’s small & lightweight design, with no wires or batteries – Pumpd simply catches your let down naturally.

Discount code: ‘Hannah20’

Skybaby Travel Mattress £29.99 ↞

I think it’s only natural to worry about taking a baby on their first flight, I just wanted Arla to be as comfortable & as happy as can be!

The Skybaby travel mattress massively helped, it gave Arla her own space which is exactly what we needed. She slept through take off & then played nicely the entire way, I was so relieved!

Happy Nappy Wetsuit & Costume from £18.99 ↞

The award winning Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the only wetsuit in the world with a built in ‘swim school approved’ swim nappy!

It’s so confusing when you have a new baby to know what they’re supposed to wear, but Splashabout make it so easy!

The wetsuit includes a happy nappy built in, how clever is that!?

She was super warm & snug – I think that’s why she is so happy in the water! It’s also UPF 50+ to keep her protected from the sun.

We’ve had such a wonderful holiday, we can’t wait for more adventures ahead!

*Items gifted, views are all my own as always!