Arlas Favourites from minifili

Arla has just passed the 8 months mark, I really can’t believe how quickly time is flying! It never seems to slow down, even on the days we just spend snuggled up at home on the sofa. (They’re our favourite days. I could watch her playing happily for hours!)

She’s really adventurous now (and a little bit sneaky) I leave the room for a minute & I find her trying to get under the sofa, or attempting to climb up on the chair, she literally doesn’t keep still anymore!

I spend quite a lot of time trying to find Arla conscious, eco-friendly, sustainable toys. It takes some research, but there are so many beautiful ones! I love them because they’re built to last, I also think I’ll keep them forever to pass down to Arlas children because the quality is incredible.

After Arlas gone to bed, I always find myself scrolling through Instagram looking for toy inspiration. That’s how I found minifili! (Their insta is SO pretty, it sucked me in straight away!)

I love everything on their website, picking toys for Arla took me ages! They have such lovely brands, all with a great ethos.

Rainbow Abacus by OYOY Mini £44.50

This is far too pretty to be in her room for now, it’s taken pride of place in the lounge!

Unicorn Teether by Konges Slojd £14

Arla has three little teeth at the moment (I brushed them for the first time this week, it melted my heart!) Her bottom one is pretty much fully through but the other two are coming through so slowly she’s struggling a little bit. Susan the unicorn (I named her, all her tethers have names ha ha) is perfect! She’s the perfect size to grip, her horn is perfect to munch on too!

Buddy Bunny Light Grey by Fabelab £24.90

Oh Buddy is adorable! I’ve been trying to find Arla a new little friend as a comforter, I really hope she loves him forever!

Rose Puzzle Ball by OYOY Mini £20

This is great! She’s mesmerised by the patterns &!loves chasing after it. It opens up too, I’ve been hiding other toys inside to try & let her figure out how to find them!

White Piki Basket by Olli & Ella £29

This will be coming on holiday with us to collect shells in, it’s just so cute! For now, while we’re at home it’s going to store her toys in & sit nicely on the bookshelf. It has so many uses!

Luggy Basket Natural by Olli & Ella £49

I adore the entire Olli & Ella collection, it’s so modern & chic. I’m super excited for Arla to start playing with her dolls & take them on little adventures in their Luggy!

Happy shopping! x

*post in collaboration with minifili, views are all my own (and Arla’s!)


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