Get Healthy with Dietbon! Diet Food Delivery to the UK.

Since having Arla, I’ve become a little bit lazy with my eating habits. (I’m sure that’s the same for a lot of new mums though!)

DietBon are a diet food delivery. They send meals directly to your door, it’s perfect for us at the moment!

I would always rather be playing with Arla than spending hours in the kitchen, that’s just not me! (I sometimes wish it was, i haven’t been blessed with the cooking gene) Quinn is the chef in our house, I’m lucky as he does most of the cooking. We’re all vegetarians too and we’re slowly moving towards fully vegan. We mainly eat vegan without even thinking about it!

I’ve signed up for the Women’s diet plan for 1 month.

It includes 4 meals per day. That’s 1 breakfast, 1 lunch with 1 snack & dinner.

The delivery was really quick & easy. I ordered online Thursday, the following Thursday my delivery arrived, via a DPD with a 1 hour slot!

A registered dietician gave me a call to run through everything, which is really useful. She helped me organise & plan my meals in order to get the most out of the plan.

The thing I love the most about the plan is how flexible it is, you get a free day each week to cook your own food, using the recommended recipes! (That’s so good for me, I’m a sucker for recipe inspiration!) Also, all of the meals are 100% natural.

Here’s a typical week in pictures. These are my favourites from our meal options.

Organic crispy muesli with chocolate chips

Pancake nature (any diet where you’re allowed pancakes is surely a winner!?)

Wholegrain and tofu salad with balsamic vinegar

Vegetarian pasta with vegetables

Lentil and Eggplant Dhal in coconut sauce

Ravioli stuffed with goat’s cheese pesto with a tomato and tofu sauce

Bean and lentil salad with pumpkin seeds and vegetables

Organic old fashioned vegetable soup

No added sugar Chocolate cookies (YUM!)

THE RESULTS (The important part!)

In a nutshell, for me the portion sizes are just right. It’s so easy to keep healthy, I didn’t feel like I was on a ‘diet’ once!

In the morning I would have yogurt with muesli (I alternated between fruit muesli & chocolate so I didn’t get bored!) Lunch I would generally have soup or a salad & for dinner either pasta or dhal.

Sundays I kept free for a treat day. DietBon send a great guide with some recipes in & I made some of those when I had chance, although I didn’t really need a treat day. The cookies & pancakes are enough of a treat for me! I tried the plan for four weeks. I honestly found is so easy to stick too & it’s SO convenient having the meals all prepped – I literally had to pop them in the microwave and dinner was ready. It’s perfect for #momlife!

After the first week I lost 2lb, second week 1lb, third week 2lb & final week 1lb. In total I lost 6lbs. I’m mainly pleased I’ve eaten well for 4 weeks, the weight loss is a nice bonus.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can sign up on this link & receive a FREE detox tea with your order.

*post in collaboration with DietBon. Views are all my own, as always.


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