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Since having Arla, I’ve become a little bit lazy with my eating habits. (I’m sure that’s the same for a lot of new mums though!)

DietBon are a diet food delivery. They send meals directly to your door, it’s perfect for us at the moment!

I would always rather be playing with Arla than spending hours in the kitchen, that’s just not me! (I sometimes wish it was, i haven’t been blessed with the cooking gene) Quinn is the chef in our house, I’m lucky as he does most of the cooking. We’re all vegetarians too and we’re slowly moving towards fully vegan. We mainly eat vegan without even thinking about it!

I’ve signed up for the Women’s diet plan for 1 month.

It includes 4 meals per day. That’s 1 breakfast, 1 lunch with 1 snack & dinner.

The delivery was really quick & easy. I ordered online Thursday, the following Thursday my delivery arrived, via a DPD with a 1 hour slot!

A registered dietician gave me a call to run through everything, which is really useful. She helped me organise & plan my meals in order to get the most out of the plan.

The thing I love the most about the plan is how flexible it is, you get a free day each week to cook your own food, using the recommended recipes! (That’s so good for me, I’m a sucker for recipe inspiration!) Also, all of the meals are 100% natural.

Here’s a typical week in pictures. These are my favourites from our meal options.

Organic crispy muesli with chocolate chips

Pancake nature (any diet where you’re allowed pancakes is surely a winner!?)

Wholegrain and tofu salad with balsamic vinegar

Vegetarian pasta with vegetables

Lentil and Eggplant Dhal in coconut sauce

Ravioli stuffed with goat’s cheese pesto with a tomato and tofu sauce

Bean and lentil salad with pumpkin seeds and vegetables

Organic old fashioned vegetable soup

No added sugar Chocolate cookies (YUM!)

THE RESULTS (The important part!)

In a nutshell, for me the portion sizes are just right. It’s so easy to keep healthy, I didn’t feel like I was on a ‘diet’ once!

In the morning I would have yogurt with muesli (I alternated between fruit muesli & chocolate so I didn’t get bored!) Lunch I would generally have soup or a salad & for dinner either pasta or dhal.

Sundays I kept free for a treat day. DietBon send a great guide with some recipes in & I made some of those when I had chance, although I didn’t really need a treat day. The cookies & pancakes are enough of a treat for me! I tried the plan for four weeks. I honestly found is so easy to stick too & it’s SO convenient having the meals all prepped – I literally had to pop them in the microwave and dinner was ready. It’s perfect for #momlife!

After the first week I lost 2lb, second week 1lb, third week 2lb & final week 1lb. In total I lost 6lbs. I’m mainly pleased I’ve eaten well for 4 weeks, the weight loss is a nice bonus.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can sign up on this link & receive a FREE detox tea with your order.

*post in collaboration with DietBon. Views are all my own, as always.


Arla hasn’t really been interested in playing in her room up until now.

She’s into everything, she’s always on the move & looking for new things to play with everywhere she goes! Her room was quite plain before, she didn’t have many toys or much to look at but thanks to Petite Amélie, I’ve made some adjustments & it’s looking great!

Her new favourite thing at the moment is waving to her Giraffe & Rhino every time she wakes up – It is literally the cutest, it melts my heart with her little sleepy eyes waving away!

I’ve added a beautiful table & chair set from Petite Amélie – Everything is just so cute in baby sizes don’t you think?

Next up she has this bookshelf & cupboard in the matching range. It’s the perfect height for her to reach! I’m going to pack it full of her favourite toys so she can play with them in her room. It’s attached to the wall too so it’s super safe!

Petite Amélie also have a toy box & a bookcase to match too! Their website is beautiful, so many lovely things for your baby & toddler. You can see the full range here.

I also just wanted to show you a few hand-made pieces we’ve added too. (You know I love small businesses!)

Name Hoop: Gro & Cherish

Lion & Tiger: Bea Kind by Bea

Wooden Name Plaque: Rosy Creates

Little Mice: Kidd Edition

Be Kind Flag: Sleepy Sunshine Company

*products gifted, views are all mine & Arlas as always.

Arla has just passed the 8 months mark, I really can’t believe how quickly time is flying! It never seems to slow down, even on the days we just spend snuggled up at home on the sofa. (They’re our favourite days. I could watch her playing happily for hours!)

She’s really adventurous now (and a little bit sneaky) I leave the room for a minute & I find her trying to get under the sofa, or attempting to climb up on the chair, she literally doesn’t keep still anymore!

I spend quite a lot of time trying to find Arla conscious, eco-friendly, sustainable toys. It takes some research, but there are so many beautiful ones! I love them because they’re built to last, I also think I’ll keep them forever to pass down to Arlas children because the quality is incredible.

After Arlas gone to bed, I always find myself scrolling through Instagram looking for toy inspiration. That’s how I found minifili! (Their insta is SO pretty, it sucked me in straight away!)

I love everything on their website, picking toys for Arla took me ages! They have such lovely brands, all with a great ethos.

Rainbow Abacus by OYOY Mini £44.50

This is far too pretty to be in her room for now, it’s taken pride of place in the lounge!

Unicorn Teether by Konges Slojd £14

Arla has three little teeth at the moment (I brushed them for the first time this week, it melted my heart!) Her bottom one is pretty much fully through but the other two are coming through so slowly she’s struggling a little bit. Susan the unicorn (I named her, all her tethers have names ha ha) is perfect! She’s the perfect size to grip, her horn is perfect to munch on too!

Buddy Bunny Light Grey by Fabelab £24.90

Oh Buddy is adorable! I’ve been trying to find Arla a new little friend as a comforter, I really hope she loves him forever!

Rose Puzzle Ball by OYOY Mini £20

This is great! She’s mesmerised by the patterns &!loves chasing after it. It opens up too, I’ve been hiding other toys inside to try & let her figure out how to find them!

White Piki Basket by Olli & Ella £29

This will be coming on holiday with us to collect shells in, it’s just so cute! For now, while we’re at home it’s going to store her toys in & sit nicely on the bookshelf. It has so many uses!

Luggy Basket Natural by Olli & Ella £49

I adore the entire Olli & Ella collection, it’s so modern & chic. I’m super excited for Arla to start playing with her dolls & take them on little adventures in their Luggy!

Happy shopping! x

*post in collaboration with minifili, views are all my own (and Arla’s!)



It’s fiiiiiiinally time for our first little trip abroad with Arla.

We’ve been so excited!

I spent A LOT of time googling “travelling with a baby” to try & figure out what we should/shouldn’t be travelling with. (What did we do before google eh!?)

I thought I’d pop together a quick guide including everything we’ve found useful & some must have items to travel with.

The Bugaboo Ant from £449 ↞

The Bugaboo Ant is absolutely amazing & totally perfect for travelling!

It’s super lightweight & easy to fold down making it really easy to carry – It’s the perfect cabin size. We took it on the plane with us as hand luggage. It went in the over head locker with no problems.

It’s super slim which is great for exploring little side streets & popping into little cafes, often we would just use the pushchair as a highchair for her as it pulls upto tables nicely & doesn’t take up too much room.

She happily napped & played in it, giving us time to enjoy some quiet time together and a chance to grab some tapas!

It was a real must have for our trip, we would have really struggled to enjoy ourselves without it.

Me & Quinn raced to fold the Bugaboo, it was so fun! You can see the race over on my Instagram highlight.

Play Pouch UK £37.99 ↞

How nifty is this!? It’s a toy storage bag that opens up to become a play mat!

Life is so fast paced nowadays, with the Play Pouch you can open the bag, play with the toys on the mat & then scoop them all back up again…Isn’t that clever!

Grey Storksak Backpack £85 ↞

This is seriously THE ultimate changing backpack of changing backpacks, it’s genius! It has the most organised pockets, including an insulated bag for food or bottles and a detachable changing mat – Snazzy!

It also attaches to the matching cabin travel bag we have…It just makes life so easy.

Grey Storksak Cabin Bag £150 ↞

This is another dream bag for a traveller. It includes a hanging organiser inside which I’m absolutely obsessed with! The organiser allows you to pack, hang up, and use without unpacking – THE BEST!

Storksak Cabin Carry On BagStorksak Cabin Carry On Bag

Storksak Organic Nursing Shawl Charcoal £35 ↞

This is perfect for on-the-go breastfeeding mums. It’s totally ideally for travelling, especially on a plane! It’s really soft & comfortable making feeding in a public place a breeze.

Storksak Muslin Squares £15 ↞

Every mum has a bag full of Muslins, right? or is that just me!? I don’t leave the house without at least 4 (I don’t know why I do that, I just like to have a spare. Just in case Arla is sick 4 times in a row….hey, you never know!)

MAM Bottles & Soothers

Quinn likes to be able to feed Arla to have extra bonding time, I express milk as often as I can for Quinn to be able to feed her. Holiday is the perfect chance for Quinn to spend more time with Arla, so I’ve packed my Pumpd and Arlas favourite bottles for the trip!

We also packed her favourite soothers. They’ve really helped settle her to sleep whilst she’s in an unfamiliar place.

Pumpd Breastpump by New Edition £15.99 ↞


Pumpd is the new breast pump by New Edition, it’s totally ideal for traveling – It saved us so much room in the case.

With it’s small & lightweight design, with no wires or batteries – Pumpd simply catches your let down naturally.

Discount code: ‘Hannah20’

Skybaby Travel Mattress £29.99 ↞

I think it’s only natural to worry about taking a baby on their first flight, I just wanted Arla to be as comfortable & as happy as can be!

The Skybaby travel mattress massively helped, it gave Arla her own space which is exactly what we needed. She slept through take off & then played nicely the entire way, I was so relieved!

Happy Nappy Wetsuit & Costume from £18.99 ↞

The award winning Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the only wetsuit in the world with a built in ‘swim school approved’ swim nappy!

It’s so confusing when you have a new baby to know what they’re supposed to wear, but Splashabout make it so easy!

The wetsuit includes a happy nappy built in, how clever is that!?

She was super warm & snug – I think that’s why she is so happy in the water! It’s also UPF 50+ to keep her protected from the sun.

We’ve had such a wonderful holiday, we can’t wait for more adventures ahead!

*Items gifted, views are all my own as always!

Feel good this Christmas…Shop responsibly & ethically!

Here are 14 of my favourite, eco-friendly gifts for the little humans in your life!

Wooden Tea Set by Blossom & Bear £32

A Beautifully crafted wooden tea set that will encourage imaginary play. Set includes a teapot, sugar bowl and wooden sugar lumps, two cups, saucers and teaspoons. Painted in beautiful pastel colours with non toxic child safe paints.

Personalised Storage Crate by Little Bella & Rose £25

This bespoke crate will make the perfect storage for little people’s books or special toys and will look beautiful in your child’s nursery or playroom. The wooden crates can be hand painted in your choice of either grey or white Annie Sloane chalk paint and personalised with a child’s first name in Liberty of London ‘Tana Lawn Betsy Ice Blue’ fabric.

Each crate is lovingly handmade to the highest standard.

Sensory Alphabet blocks by Too Many PJ’s £7 each 

Beautiful personalised blocks made from organic cotton. They’re a stylish nursery decoration as well as toy and are a perfect new baby gift, first birthday present or for any time in between!

They’re machine washable too – Bonus!

Sand Stacking Tower by Ibby & Me £35

A classic donut stacking tower in a beautiful ‘sand’ palette. The graduated stacking rings create a simple first “puzzle” for toddlers and preschoolers, who learn spatial relationships and basic physics through stacking and ordering the pieces. Also makes a beautiful display piece on the nursery shelf.

The possibilities are as boundless as the imagination!

Wooden Forest Friends by Little Stories £28

A charming set of 6 handcrafted woodland animals complete with an adorable little tree & printed cotton drawstring bag.

Mono Wooden Train by Little Stories £32

This beautiful pull along train would make for a great gift, look stunning in your little one’s nursery space as well as keeping those little minds busy for hours removing & stacking the blocks.

This train consists of 3 carriages and 16 pieces. Ideal for imaginative play as well as developing motor skills & hand – eye coordination.

Personalised Christmas Eve Box for All Ages by Dust & Things £29.99 

A bespoke and sophisticated Christmas Eve Box, made from wood and fully customisable with your choice of our Christmas themed symbols.

Individually designed, this box will create a lasting Christmas Eve tradition year after year. Fill with a festive scented candle, cosy socks and special hot chocolate, or alternatively gift the box as is for the recipient to enjoy filling themselves.

Use code HANNAHGIFTGUIDE for 10% discount

 Toy Cooking Set in Fairtrade Cotton by Good Things Gifts £42

Good Things is an award-winning start-up selling eco-friendly gifts, toys and games for children that improve lives around the world. Launched in July by Lucy Willoughby from South Devon, Good Things champions small suppliers making innovative and sustainable products including toys made from recycled plastic waste and recycled cards empowering young orphaned adults in Rwanda. Lucy passionately believes that what we buy can have a positive impact.

Cook up a feast with this 30-piece colourful cotton toy cooking set including table-top hob, basket of fruit and veg, two pans with pan holders (safety first!), utensils and assorted groceries!

 Eco Wooden Bear Plate by Blue Brontide £29.97

Mr bear is the perfect snack time companion, he’s happy to hold your sandwiches, bedtime biscuits and join you on teddy bear picnics. Your little ones are sure to love eating off these adorable solid oak wood bear plates. Perfect for making mealtimes fun!

 Eco Wooden Fox Plate by Blue Brontide £29.97 

Turn fussy eaters into foodies with this adorable sectioned child’s plate, perfect for when the peas can’t touch the carrots this super cute little fox is sure to make mealtimes fun! Naturally anti-bacterial, Ecologically friendly & Bio-degradable this little fox is a perfect alternative to plastic/melamine plates. 

 Sleepy Stripe Pyjamas & Stocking Set by Baby Mori £45.50

Waking up on Christmas morning just got more adorable with this matching Pyjamas & Stocking Set! Little ones will sleep so peacefully in this soft sleepwear they won’t notice the jolly man leaving treats in their stripey stocking.

Made from their signature organic cotton 30% and 70% bamboo fabric

 Wooden Nordic Kids Workbench by Gifts for Little Hands £45

Kids will love this Wooden Nordic Workbench by Legler. It’s a great addition to any child’s role play toy collection!

The chunky tools are perfect for little hands, they can practice twisting, sawing and screwing to support their development and fine motor skills.

 Balancing Polar Circle by Shop PomPom £19.95

Practise balancing skills with this beautiful frozen game! A balancing polar circle, with 2 penguins, a whale, a walrus, a polar bear, a seagull, an iceberg and a little friendly Inuit fishing girl.  A wonderful and creative wooden toy.

PomPom is also proud to partner with the Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading organisation working to protect our marine environment from plastic pollution. 20% of the profit from the sale of this item goes to the Marine Conservation Society mcsuk.org

 Sack of Kindness by Ellie Ellie £19

This is such a magical, heartwarming idea.

It’s such a wonderful way to bring the true Christmas spirit to life with a Christmas sack of kindness, simply fill it with goodies and pass it along!

Feel the magic of Christmas.

The Swancotts xx


We’ve finally made it to Cornwall with Arla…It’s our first UK adventure!

We’re staying in Holywell Bay. It’s such a beautiful & quiet spot along the North coast of Cornwall about 3 miles away from Newquay.

Being our first trip with Arla, we really wanted a home away from home…That’s exactly what we’ve got!

Although this home is much nicer than our home….I MEAN, JUST LOOK AT THESE VIEWS!

Seriously though, this house is absolutely beautiful. We booked through Forever Cornwall Unique Retreats, they have so many amazing properties to rent all over Cornwall.

We’re staying in Samphire Beach House. It’s a 4 bedroomed, gated property with private parking less than 10 minutes walk away from Holywell Bay. We’re sleeping in the Penthouse (but there are 4 beautiful bedrooms you can choose from!) Waking up here is something we won’t forget in a hurry. It’s so relaxing, Arla is loving it, she’s never slept so well!

We have everything we could possibly need already here, we brought Arlas SnüzPod with us but we really didn’t need to! The owners added the cutest little baby welcome pack including a cot, highchair & baby gates. They really have thought of everything. The house is decorated amazingly throughout, everything is such high quality and really beautifully designed. We’re having major house envy!

The kitchen is well equipped, we have absolutely everything we can think of. We even arrived to lots of lovely welcome treats in the fridge! Quinn brought his own cafetière & freshly ground coffee (he is a real coffee snob) but we didn’t even need that! They honestly have you covered. We forgot our tupperware to take a picnic down to the beach but don’t worry, they have a cupboard full!

…Can we stay here forever please?

It’s such a beautiful house to come and visit with the family. You can even bring the dogs. The garden is enclosed making it perfect for the pooches. My mum came down to stay with us for a couple of nights & brought Ruby along with her. She loved it! If you let them know you’re bringing a dog, they’ll provide dog bowls, treats, towels and throws for the sofa.

The beach is dog friendly all year round & they’re lots of pretty coastal paths easily accessed from the house. We walked to a cafe in Crantock on one of our rainy days! It took us along the coastal path from Holywell Bay to Polly Joke beach to Crantock beach. It was the perfect length with Arla, she napped all the way to the cafe (approx an hour) sat with us whilst we had lunch, then napped all the way back! The views along the way are super pretty.

We adventured a little further afield on our sunny days too.

Here are our top picks:

1. Bedruthan Steps (National Trust)

2. Kynance Cove (National Trust)

3. Coverack Coastal Village

4. Minack Theatre & Porthcurno Beach

5. Padstow Harbour & town

6. St. Ives

We’ve spent an utterly wonderful week here, we will certainly be returning! It’s in a great location with everything you’ll ever need & more. Thank you Samphire Beach house & Forever Cornwall Unique Retreats for such a wonderful stay!

Example Prices:

Friday 4th – Friday 11th October 2019 £796

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd November 2019 £495

Christmas Week 2019 – £1186

*price correct as of 14th September

Enjoy, Hannah xo

Post in colloboration with Forever Cornwall Unique Retreats. Views as always are my own (*with a few of Quinn & Arlas thrown in too!)


Last year we organised a charity event in our local pub as a little celebration for Luna, but also to raise vital funds for Russell’s Hall Hospital. We raised £30,000 on the night to go towards building their much needed baby bereavement delivery suite.

This year, we decided to step it up a little and organise a ball – oooh fancy!

We held the ball at Treetops Pavilion, West Midlands Safari Park on April 6th (I am VERY delayed writing this blog post, but for the best reason ever…Little Arla!) Treetops Pavilion is such a cool venue, we had so much space to get creative and really make it a night to remember.

Lots of amazing companies donated prizes for the raffle and auction… Including holidays, vouchers, hampers, a Nespresso Coffee Machine, Gin tasting, a money-can’t-buy Bafta nominee gift bag and so much more. We had some utterly fabulous prizes. Thank you to all of Luna’s Legacy’s sponsors. We really couldn’t do the work we do without all of you!

Image may contain: 4 people, wedding, flower and indoor

We were super lucky to have amazing entertainment from Adrian Hansel, Karen Mav, Danny Becker & Koko Basigara. They all performed their favourite west-end songs – They were outstanding!

It was another hugely successful night in memory of our little girl. We raised a huge £10,000 towards Tiny Tickers Charity. They’re such an amazing bunch of people, the work they do is truly life changing. The money we raised will help place Pulse Oximetry machines across the country to help save babies lives.

Charity work is something really important to us and we will continue to do everything we can to help baby loss & children’s charities.  The work fundraisers do makes such a difference and we are so proud to be apart of that!

Thank you all for your continued support. It honestly means the world.

Our current total is at £60,610. You can donate here.

Hannah, Quinn, Luna & Arla xo

Venue: West Midlands Safari Park/Event Hire: Truly Scrumptious Weddings/Photography: Capturing Life Photography /Singers: Danny Becker & Koko Basigara 


Arla is engaging in play more & more everyday at the moment. It literally melts my heart watching her learn new skills & discover new things. Her little eyes light up, it’s just the absolute best seeing her so happy!

I like to try new things with her to make sure she’s always learning, but I’m also super conscious of the environment & making sure we make the right choices to show her how much fun she can have, plastic free! (…which isn’t always easy in the baby world!) 

I’ve been searching for brands who lead the way in ensuring their toys are handmade, eco-friendly & sustainable. I’ve picked out some of my favourites below! 

Pebble Nordic Playmat. Toddlekind £89.99

First things first, we needed a playmat for Arla to play on whilst we’re in the kitchen. 

This playmat from Toddlekind is perfect, it’s so soft & really stylish! It’s great because we can take it anywhere, each tile is 60 x 60cm and they attach together really easily to cover any space. 

 Pom Pom Animal Heads  

N’awwww, aren’t these just the absolute cutest?! 

I found these beautiful little vegan, plastic free garlands over on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. 

I just adore their creations! Kate single handily makes every little face & lovingly sends them out to their new homes. I love my little Herbert & Boho Bunny!

She also makes Pandas, Polar Bears & Koalas. They’re so unique, I’m obsessed! 

Wooden Nautical Baby Swing. Harmony at Home Boutique £49.99

This is absolutely PERFECT for Arla! My mum has a swing seat in her garden & Arla loves it, now she has her very own swing! 

It’s suitable from birth & easily attaches to a tree or beam. She has a great time chilling out in her little baby swing!

Personalised Wooden Balancing Ark. Harmony at Home Boutique £22.50

This is just the cutest! Arla’s a little young to play with it at the moment, but seriously how cute does it look in her room!? It’s ready & waiting for her for when she’s a little older! 

It takes some skills to balance the ark perfectly (it took me three attempts!) I know it’s going to keep her entertained for hours. 

It’s such a lovely gift idea with the personalisation too.

The Lighthouse Puzzle. Avdar Toys

This 21-piece puzzle is great for playtime. Every step of creating this beautiful lighthouse is handmade, you can absolutely tell as it’s such high quality. It’s stunning.

We love adventuring around England, I’m excited to take this little puzzle on a UK escape & find our very own matching lighthouse!

Wooden Wind-up Jet Plane. Kiko & gg €29

Now this is absolutely perfect for our adventurer in the making. How cute is this little plane! 

She’s mesmerised watching me whooshing it around the lounge. She’s going to love going on her first plane journey…I can’t wait! 

It’s available in six different colours. (Black, white, green, blue, pink & yellow)

Camera. Kiko & gg €27


I’m forever taking photos of Arla, the poor little thing is probably always thinking “no more photos please mom!”…I just can’t help it. I love capturing memories & I’m excited for Arla to capture her own in the future! 

…Thanks Kiko & gg for Arlas very first camera! It will forever be her favourite! 

Machi Tiny Town. Kiko & gg €29

I’m a massive advocate of creative play, I can’t wait for Arla to use her imagination & create her own little town with this set! In the meantime I’ve had a great time building it 😂 The pieces are magnetic, it’s so cool & fun to build!

Kiko & gg have lots of different cities you can build to expand your collection. They have Paris, London & New York.

Their toys are all hand-crafted & made with sustainably sourced wood.

Personalised Wooden Rainbow Blocks. Hot Dot Laser £22

A beautiful personalised piece from Hot Dot Laser. They have so many lovely things!

I’ve been looking for a rainbow for Arlas room for a while, I love that she can play with this one as well as it being a beautiful accessory in her room. It’s such a great gift idea too.

Burger Instruments. Kiko & gg €18

Arla LOVES music, we have a set of bells that she’s mesmerised by & I’m trying to find a xylophone & a drum for her. The noisier, the better! (…not for my ears though!) 

She absolutely loves this burger maraca (I’ve told her it’s veggie, she’s happy with that ha ha!) & the chip shaker…I’m desperate to make her giggle & I think singing & dancing with these will be the ticket to the first giggle! 

Wave Stacker. Avdar Toys

Oh look at these cute little fishes! I can’t wait for Arla to learn all about the ocean, these are great place to start! 

I’ve been using them as little props to sing Baby Shark to her until she’s old enough to stack them…It’s her favourite song so of course, she absolutely loves them! 

Teepee Playgym. Scandiborn £35.95 + Baby Gym Toys £30

Arla loves her baby play gym. It’s so pretty & matches the house perfectly. (…Priorities! 😂

It’s great as you can change the toys around depending on the mood she’s in. She likes it more chilled just before bath-time, but in the morning we add fairy lights, more colours & musical toys. It’s fab! 

Lady Bird from Portugal!

Also, shout out to this little ladybird! Our friends bought him home from Portugal & Arla is literally obsessed with him! She loves the bells! 🐞

Blog post in collaboration with the listed brands. All views & opinions are my own, as always!


Oh my gosh, I have literally been so excited for this little beauty to arrive, I feel like I have bored all of my family and friends telling them all about my new amazing breast pump that’s on the way…I am so pleased it’s here! (I used to get excited for holidays, new plants, food shopping & Homesense trips….Oh how my life has changed!)


Honestly though, this little gadget is a game changer. It is revolutionary!

I used it soon after Arla arrived, I was so nervous, but I had nothing to be nervous about at all! It’s really easy to sterilise & set up, you just boil it for 5 minutes in a pan. I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to breast feed or express but Elvie has given me so much confidence & really shown me how easy it is. I really enjoyed expressing for the first time, I didn’t want to stop! (I was sending excited pictures to my mom friends – probably not normal, but I was so proud!) I was only pumping for 10 minutes and expressed just under 100ml – It’s seriously amazing.

My favourite thing is how quiet and discreet it is. I can literally pump at anytime, anywhere as it’s totally silent & they’re no wires to contend with. It’s just really convenient, which is super important to me as a new mum. It slips into my bra easily & it’s really comfortable too.

Its great for a multi-tasking mum. Yesterday I was putting the washing away and vacuuming as I pump, today I’ve been sunbathing & pumping…it’s just great!

If you download the Elvie app, you can connect your phone to control it as it’s pumping. You can monitor milk volume & track the pumping history using the app too. It’s really clever the way it all works & connects together. I’m literally OBSESSED!

I just didn’t expect it to be so easy…

Everything about the Elvie pump is amazing and I’ve recommended it to everyone I know (Pregnant or not 😂) It saves so much time & everything about it is perfect. It’s a real investment.

If you have any questions, let me know. I know how scary and daunting it is if you’re a first time mom. There’s always so much to research! 💗



Gifted breast pump from Elvie, all views are my own as always. It’s absolutely amazing!


This is one of my absolute favourite children’s brands. Every item is such high quality. I’m literally in love with everything on their website!

Cam Cam Copenhagen really champion taking care of the environment, not many baby companies can say that at the moment. I’m all for companies making a change & these guys are doing it all just right. 🌿

They’re working closely with Chimalaya Charity too – and you all know how much I love charity work!

That leads me on nicely to tell you all about the #Bag4Life – It’s a concept developed by Chimalaya Charity to improve conditions for newborns in Nepal. Nepal has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world caused by malnutrition and poor hygiene.

When you buy a changing bag, they support the less privileged mothers in Nepal, who will receive a vital Bag4Life full of everything they will need. They’ve been making a real difference.

#Bag4Life – Misty Green €135

Included: Changing bag, magic soft & scented teddy bear, eco-baby wet towels, eco-baby shampoo, eco-baby SOS buttom care, eco-baby baby oil, peacock rattle & 2 Muslin cloths.

Baby Nest Natural Dandelion – €115

This is just the cosiest little baby nest, I wish they made these in adult sizes!

Arla sleeps so well in it, it can be used literally anywhere. We take it from her cot, to the sofa…to the bed! It’s super safe for her to sleep in and easily transferred from room to room with the handles underneath.

Quilted Changing Mat Pressed Leaves – €38

The mat has been a TOTAL lifesaver, who knew facilities in so many places are so poor for changing babies! I don’t have to worry about it when I’m carrying this around.

Everyone always comments on how pretty it is when I get it out of her changing bag too! It folds into a really handy size to easily be used on the go.

Nursing Pillow Cover Pressed Leaves – €30

I use it every time I feed Arla. I’m a little weakling at the moment and my arm aches if I don’t have a pillow underneath!

…Hopefully I’ll be a superwoman soon enough 😉

Also, how pretty & girly is it! LOVE!

Leaves Rattle Natural – €23

I mean, how cute is this little raffle!

It’s lovingly handmade with a wooden ring and 3 small leaves. Arla hasn’t quite mastered gripping yet…but I’m sure it won’t be long!

Leaves Garland Natural – €35

Oh I’m a sucker for anything named “Natural” aren’t I?!

I just love this garland! It’s up in her nursery at the moment. Hopefully I’ll have the entire range soon. I’m obsessed!

….I just want it all!

Any Questions, let me know!

Love Hannah xo

Post in collaboration with Cam Cam Copenhagen. Items gifted. Views are all my own as usual!

I can’t quite believe I am typing this, but our little rainbow girl has arrived! We couldn’t be happier that our little girl has arrived into this world safely.

Little Arla Swancott was born on 9th June 2019. Weighing in at 7lb 2. Luna will be a super proud big sister, we just know it. 💗

Being a new mom is hard, there is so much to learn along the way, but I’m loving every minute so far. I just wanted to share some of my favourite things I already can’t live without in the early days. Hopefully it will help some of you new mommas out there too!

First up, we have the amazing baby swaddles from Love to Dream™.

Arla (The Koala 😂) sleeps so much better if she’s swaddled up or can soothe herself! The swaddles have zip-up ‘wings’ which mean she can sleep in a natural position with her arms up & access her hands herself. Its a much safer sleep. The wings reduce the risk of her accidentally rolling onto her tummy, plus replace the need to have loose blankets in the cot. It is practical too, with a twin zip for easier nappy changes!

They have different designs for different ages, so I’m super excited for Arla to grow up with SWADDLE UP™.

Next up, is the Meemoo Baby Meelight. It is absolutely amazing and has been so useful already!

The Meelight is a feeding & care night light. When Arla wakes in the middle of the night, turning the lamp on wakes her up even more (and Quinn!) but using the Meelight means I can control how bright it shines, making it a much soother & softer experience for all of us whilst I feed her.

It’s dimmable on three different settings, plus it’s wearable. I clip it to my top for night feeds, it works wonders!

Now…You all know how much I love to hike & adventure, but it’s sometimes so hard to imagine with a pushchair. One of the first things I’ve had on the list is a baby carrier. I am so pleased a friend recommended Izmi Baby & I’ve got hold of an Izmi Carrier!

It’s suitable from birth to walking, which is perfect for us right now. (7lbs – 33lbs) You can wear it in three different ways. I can have Arla on my back, front or side.

It’s super soft, flexible & lightweight. It distributes her weight evenly, to reduce pressure on my back. It keeps her in the best possible posistion ensuring it keeps her hips nice & healthy!

….The big question is, where will our first little adventure take us? I can’t wait to get back out there! Hiking, exploring, swimming, climbing…We’ll be back adventuring with little Arla in no time!

Next we have the SnuzPod Bedside Crib.

It comes in 8 different colours to match your bedroom perfectly. We went for the classic black bedside crib. Why? Because it’s called Luna of course What better reason!

I don’t take my eyes of Arla for a single second. Being a new mom is scary. Which is why I love the SnuzPod. It means she can sleep next to me & I know I’m right there if she needs me.

It also has a reflux tilt, breathable mesh side, the top bassinet lifts off, plus it rocks. Arla loves being rocked to sleep, which is a huge help for me….Snüz save my aching arms!

Snüz have great matching bedding sets too. We went for the 3 piece Geo Mono set.

Another firm favourite that Arla has used every day so far is our beautiful natural knitted Moses basket from The Little Green Sheep. It’s been a lifesaver whilst we’ve been downstairs! (Our house is three floors, we have a napping station on each level ha ha!)

Firstly, it matches our lounge perfectly, don’t you think? I LOVE the Dove Grey colour!

But of course, I love it because Arla looks super cosy in it and naps like a Queen! I love the organic knitted liner, it sets it apart from any other Moses basket I’ve seen.

Nappies. An obvious necessity, but these aren’t just any nappies! They’re reusable & sustainable. They’re made of 100% recycled board.

They’re from close parent. They’re really easy to use and of course, save the planet at the same time which is really important to us on our journey bringing Arla into the world.

Is there anything you couldn’t live without in the first few days…Or anything that I’m missing? I need all of the tips. Let me know!

Any questions too, ask away. Hannah, Quinn, Luna & Arla 🐨 xo

Items gifted. Views are all my own as usual!

Ponta Da Piedade is probably the most photographed spot in the Algarve – You can definitely see why! It’s even more impressive in real life…

It’s located in Lagos, which is around 1.5 hours away from Faro airport.

It’s super easy to reach, we hired a car for the day from Vilamoura to go and explore! It took about an hour, it’s a really easy drive. There’s parking right at the top, with a little gift shop, cafe and toilets. The parking is free, along with visiting Ponta Da Piedade.

There’s a lot to see when you get there. Lots of people stop off, take a quick snap and leave, but we spent most of the day exploring and walking along some of the coastal cliff walks admiring the amazing views. The more you walk, the more you see!

…Just make sure you have sturdy shoes on, Quinn went off cliff walking in his flip flops, I nearly had a heart attack! You could just hear me yelling “Quinn! Be careful, I can’t see you, come back!” (D’ya think he listened? Of course not!)

There are no barriers or anything to stop people falling or slipping, so I’d definitely make sure you have good sturdy shoes on if you want to go off exploring all of the walks and hikes. (I’ve added videos of Quinn’s cliff walking over on my Instagram stories ‘Algarve’)

We walked to the bottom of the 170 steps of Ponta Da Piedade, which is one of the main reasons people come to visit, to see this beautiful little spot…

We were greeted at the bottom of the steps by a man & his little black cockapoo (He was SO cute. He was an adorable salty sea dog!) He asked if we’d like to go on a boat trip to see inside all of the little coves. We didn’t realise the boat trips were a ‘thing’ & we didn’t have any cash on us. Everyone coming off the boat said how pretty it was! It was €20 each for 30 minutes. Definitely worth a look if you’re going.

The Algarve is also home to Praia Da Marinha, which is 1 of the 10 best beaches in Europe voted by the Michelin Guide.

The beach is only accessible via a set of steps that wind their way down the cliffside, but the climb down is absolutely worth it! Praia Da Marinha is still surprisingly quiet, I’m guessing it’s partly because of the walk down & also as we visited in March when it’s much quieter.

Picture Credit: algarvetips.com

We spent 4 days in Portugal, flying into Faro airport and staying in the Laguna Resort, Vilamoura. It was perfect and so quiet, just what we wanted! The vegetarian breakfast was beautiful each day in the Laguna Cafe too. We booked it really last minute through secret escapes, it was £25 each a night. Hugely worth it for our spacious 1 bedroomed apartment!

I wish we had time to visit Estamine Restaurant in Faro. It looks absolutely incredible. It’s located in the Ria Formosa Natural Park….on a desert island! It’s only accessible by a 20 minute boat trip from Faro.

Picture Credit: Estamine Restaurant

Eurasia Restaurant, Albufeira. It has a strong focus on Vegan meals. It’s a buffet style restaurant and is a popular choice in Albufeira! The menu offers a mix of European and Asian influences. There are traditional Portuguese dishes too. (Including meat if you want it!)

Both restaurants were recommended to us, but we just couldn’t schedule them into our plans. There’s always a next time!

Hannah xo


What to see & do during a weekend break in Seville.

…Except just eating the endless Tapa’s of course!

We stayed in the beautiful Corral Del Rey, which could not have been a better location! It is right in the heart of Seville, with only a maximum 15 minute walk away from all of the main sights. We didn’t step foot on public transport once, which I think is quite rare during a city break.

It is so easy to access everything by foot. A friend recommended we walk everywhere to experience the real Seville, to see all of the little cobbled side streets, she wasn’t wrong, that is where the real Seville is!

The Corral Del Rey has six absolutely stunning rooms, all with a different style. We stayed in the Deluxe Double Room which is PERFECT! It has a full minibar with a little kitchen area (microwave, fridge, kettle, coffee machine) gorgeous bathroom with a huge bath and one of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in!

The breakfast is amazing too, it is all freshly made in the morning, you can either enjoy it inside the restaurant or out on the terrace near the little plunge pool overlooking the city views.

If you’d like to see more of The Corral Del Rey take a look at my ‘Seville’ Instagram highlight!

The Plaza de España is a must when you visit Seville. It’s located inside the Maria Luisa Park which is about a 15 minute walk from Corral Del Rey. The detail in the building is absolutely insane, it’s stunning! We spent the morning wandering around taking it all in & enjoyoing the views. It was really quiet when we arrived at 9:30am, but it started to get busy by around 11am ish. I would definitely try and arrive as early as you can to beat the crowds! It is totally free to access.

Las Setas has lots of different names…You may have heard of the Metropol Parasol or ‘The Mushroom.’ It costs 3 euros per person to experience the view point, but I do think it is worth it to get the views. Plus it is a great central point to find some of the best tapas spots.

From Las Setas, if you walk down Calle Regina you will find lots of cool little art-cafes & design shops, it was exactly how we imagined Seville!

We were heading towards Quilombo, which is a restaurant that was recommended to us. It has the most amazing tapa’s and sharers! If you carry on walking from Quilombo you will come to La Alameda, which is a square packed full of other great restaurants.

The Real Alcazar is where scenes from Game of Thrones are filmed!

If you’re a fan it’s definitely a must see. I’ve never seen a single GOT, but I still found it an incredible place to visit. It’s quite pricey though at €18 a ticket. (I’ve just seen online they do free entry on a Monday, that could be worth factoring in if you’d like to visit!)

It is such a stunning place but it was VERY busy. We booked a slot at 11am & there were people everywhere. It was too busy for me! 11am was the only time slot we could get, I imagine it’s much quieter earlier in the morning, I really wish we didn’t book our tickets so last minute!

Planning a trip to Seville? Let me know if you have any questions!

There are lots more pictures over on my Instagram.

Love Hannah xo

Blog post in collaboration with Corral Del Rey Hotel. All views are my own, as always!


You all know how much I love travelling, but i’ve never told you how much I love being at home in Stourbridge.

There are lots of cool, new places popping up, so I just wanted to share some of my favourites with you.


Cock n Bull, Stourbridge High Street

Cock n Bull has such a cool vibe, it’s one of the newest hotspots to grab a bite to eat! They do amazing burgers – which are HUGE, loads of cool chicken dishes, plus quite a few veggie options for me! My go-to of course is the Halloumi Burger. (Anything Halloumi is always a winner right?)

They have a great drinks menu, including a ‘Black Country Bramble’ which you have to try when you’re in the Black Country 😉

If you’re boring like me though, you can go for the Vanilla milkshake or go all out and opt for the Caramel Pretzel Shake!

Picture Credit: @outinbrum

The Backyard Cafe, Kingswinford

This new little hotspot opened its doors in September and has been a huge hit ever since.

They have an amazing cake bar, with cakes freshly made every morning by the chef & Owner Richie – The raspberry & white chocolate brownies are to die for! The selection is insane & different each day… (Sticky toffee & ginger cake, white chocolate & cherry macaroon, jam & coconut cake, pavlova and SO much more!)

They do healthy breakfasts & lunches too, including a great selection for Veggies.

Hair & Beauty

Beauty Bella Boutique, Norton Road

Beauty Bella Boutique is one of the friendliest beauty salons I’ve ever been too. You feel so welcome as soon as you walk in, the team are all so lovely.

They offer lots of new, innovative treatments including body sculpting, fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation and 3D lipo. They also do the usual treatments like facials, nails, eyelash tint, wax, brows etc.

They also have specialist clinics for aesthetics at certain times of the year too.

Plus, I’ve just seen they offer a 3D chin freeze….WHO KNEW THAT WAS A THING. I’ll take 6 of those please!

The Hive Salon, Ambelcote High Street

The Hive opened in May 2015. They’ve been going from strength to strength ever since.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have their hair done surrounded by flamingos & foliage with pic ‘n’ mix on tap? It really is an instagrammers dream!

The team work wonders on your hair, they’ll do everything they can to make you feel a million dollars. I didn’t know what I wanted when I walked in, but Georgie got it exactly right and here are the results…

They don’t stop at hair. They do nails & eyebrows too, along with wedding packages for your special day.

Reflect Skin & Body Clinic, Victoria Passage, Stourbridge

Reflect offer SO many different treatment types, there really is something for everyone!

Lisa is the skin director in the clinic, she’ll meet with you for a detailed consultation before personalising your treatment plan to ensure you receive the best results. She always has the best advice and is a real expert in what she does.

I can fully recommend the HydraFacials. I get quite dry skin & I find they really help! I always leave feeling totally refreshed & relaxed.


Bella Boo, High Street

Bella Boo are an independent fashion boutique, selling ladies clothes and accessories.

They also have little baby items called “Bella Bambino” – Too cute!

Bond Jewellery & Diamonds, Jewellery Quarter

I know the Jewellery Quarter isn’t in Stourbridge, but the shop owners are based in Wollaston…So that totally counts right?!

I just couldn’t post this article & leave out Bond Jewellery. They are phenomenal at what they do & the quality of Diamonds they offer.

Jamie at Bond has designed all of our wedding Jewellery, plus re-designed Jewellery passed down through our families generations to re-design & bring back to life. There are no ends to Jamie’s talent!

Get in touch with him & he can design your dream piece of Jewellery.

Baby Prestige UK

Baby Prestige UK are an online store, with their head quarters being based in Stourbridge. (I bet you didn’t know that little nugget!)

Their passion for modern toys and accessories mean they provide customers with nothing but the highest quality of products. I’ve ordered so many gifts from them and they’ve all been perfect.

Also, they kindly donate 1% of all sales directly to Luna’s Legacy. They’re such a great bunch!


C&R Design, Stourbridge

C&R design are a company based in Stourbridge hiring out everything you’ll need to make your event look beautiful.

They cater for every kind of event, from baby showers & birthdays to weddings & engagements!

They have so many items to choose from, including the ever popular flower wall, candy corner, donut wall (…the DREAM!) decorative ladders & selfie frames etc.

Most of the items have been lovingly hand-made by the team, so you can expect high quality and amazing service from Charlie & Rebecca themselves.

Wedding Memory Videography

One of the best decisions we ever made was hiring Wes for our wedding videography.

He is totally brilliant! We barely knew he was there throughout most of the day, yet he has captured all of our favourite memories!

Being able to re-live special moments over & over again is something we really love to look back on.

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer, I honestly can’t recommend Wes & The Wedding Memory team enough!

You can watch our special day HERE

Capturing Life Photography – Victoria Shattock

Victoria is an incredible photographer!

She really specialises in capturing those special moments in your life to be able to look back on and cherish, which I think is SO important!

She’s absolutely amazing and will capture any of your special moments in a super creative way.

Baby Glowbugs, Norton

Baby Glowbugs hold weekly sessions in Norton. I went along to a session last year and the little ones absolutely loved it!

It’s a glow in the dark baby group, suitable from babies age 0 right up until pre-walking. Each week, Sarah will create a different session for the babies to enjoy. It’s great being so local!

Sarah’s been amazing at helping us fundraise for Luna’s Legacy too.

These businesses all have such amazing people working behind the scenes. They work so hard to offer us different products and services, lets keep supporting them & showing the love, to keep Stourbridge thriving!

…What’s your favourite spot in Stourbridge? Let me know below. I may have missed a little gem!


Hannah xo


We’re heading on a European adventure this Christmas…Starting in Bruges!

We have lots of amazing places planned with a great mix of cities, lakes and mountains.

We have tried to find places close to the centre with either cheap or free parking as it gets quite expensive with the car. If you are thinking of driving over to Europe and you’re looking for an itinerary, this is a great start!

Head to my Instagram highlights for more details on each destination as I’m keeping this blog mainly to the accommodation details to help people driving over to Europe and looking for good spots with parking, near the centre etc. Ive added LOADS of tips and pictures to my Instagram.

In total our trip was 18 days.

Folkestone > Calais > Bruges

113 miles/2h 38 mins

I’m so pleased we booked the Holiday Village Knokke. The location is perfect! It only took 1.5 hours to reach from Calais. It’s 22 minutes by train to Bruges and has all of the comforts of home! We booked a 1 bedroom cottage for 2 nights €150 total. It has parking directly outside the cottage and everything you need within walking distance. Knokke is a lovely little town too, complete with a HUGE Maisons Du Monde on the way to the train station….WINNER!

Brugge > Frankfurt

311 miles/5h 50 mins

The main reason for our visit to Frankfurt is to see the Christmas Markets, they certainly didn’t disappoint! We spent the ENTIRE afternoon eating, drinking and shopping…It’s not our usual style but it’s been a great city stop and given us a little taste of Germany!

We booked the Scandic Frankfurt Museumsufer, it’s in such a beautiful location with cosy spots to relax in after exploring the city all day. We walked along the river into the city which took about 15 minutes, everything you need is easily within walking distance which is exactly what we like! The parking was easy too, they’re lots of options but we parked just around the corner for €20 / 24 hours, pretty reasonable for a city centre hotel!

Our room was on the 18th floor of the hotel, the views are AMAZING! Such a beautiful way to wake up in the morning.

Frankfurt > Prague

316 miles/4h 40 mins

We stayed in the K&K Fenix Hotel. We only booked one night, I didn’t realise there is so much to see in Prague, we could have done with two nights really! The hotel is a great base and has underground parking for 25 euros per night, it was really easy to park and reach.

The hotel was really good value at £57 a night but prices are generally quite cheap in Prague.

It’s about a 30 minute walk to Charles Bridge, I wish we were a little closer as that was where I wanted to see. It was an OK hotel, but I think you could probably get a closer hotel for a similar price! Also, it was on a bit of a dodgy street….with a ‘sauna club’ right opposite 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

Prague is super pretty though and I’d love to go back, it was all a little too rushed with just one night!

Prague > Krakow

332 miles/5h 

We booked an Air BnB in Kraków as four days in we knew we would need a washing machine. It worked out such good value! It was only £25 a night, right in the centre and just ten minutes walk away from the main square. It has secure parking just around the corner for 40PLN per day (approx £9 a day) with everything you need within walking distance.

We booked a tour to Auschwitz & Birkenau through Get Your Guide (They are amazing, I’ve added all of the details on my instagram highlights) The pick up is only a twenty minute walk away too!

Krakow > Slovenia, Lake Bled

520 miles / 8 hours

OH WOW! Slovenia has been on our list for a while now, I’m so pleased we finally made it! We stayed at the Triglav Lake Bled. It’s in such an amazing location, it’s just a couple of minutes walk to the lake, the views are insane! We had a lake view room and it’s honestly one of the nicest views we’ve ever had from a hotel room. (I’ve added a video to my Instagram highlights)

After spending six days exploring the cities coming to the lakes is exactly what we needed. The Triglav have a swimming pool and sauna, which we made the most of straight away!

They also have a beautiful restaurant with views over the lake. We had the 6-course tasting menu for dinner which I’d 100% recommend. We don’t usually like to eat in hotels but after reading the reviews of the restaurant online, we knew it would be good!

Parking is free at the hotel too.

Slovenia > Hallstatt, Austria

139 Miles / 2 hr 30 mins

We took a day trip to Hallstatt, it’s so beautiful but it’s the busiest place we’ve been so far! We stayed at the COOEE Alpin Hotel. It’s about twenty minutes away from Hallstatt, but it worked out much better to stay outside of the town as it gets so busy and a little hard to park. COOEE was a great choice. It has easy parking and great dinner and breakfast options! It’s en-route to our next stop too, Achensee.

Halstatt > Achensee

128 Miles / 2hr 30 mins

Oh wow. Achensee is stunning. It really reminded me of Norway! We wanted to hike to the top of Barenkopf but there were avalanches so we couldn’t in the end. I’d love to return in the summer to explore all of the hikes, there are so many!

We’re heading to Brand in the morning, so we booked a hotel en-route for the night. It worked out well as it’s just off the motorway with parking underground for €5. HWest Hotel Hall.

Achensee > Brand, Austria

We stayed in the super cosy & unique Walliserhof, Brand. It’s just what we needed after a busy week of hiking and adventuring!

We headed straight to the spa to wind down and relax, the views from the spa are unreal!

There’s so much to do in the hotel, you’ll never be bored! You can play tennis, go for a swim, sauna, gym, yoga classes…You can even do wine tasting, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

It’s in a great location too, just twenty minutes away from Lünersee with plenty of hiking trails and ski slopes within walking distance.

Austria > Interlaken Switzerland

We based ourselves in Sigriswil, which is just on Lake Thun in Interlaken, it’s such a beautiful spot! We’ve stayed in Interlaken before so we know it’s a good base to explore the Jungfrau region which is an absolute winter wonderland!

Switzerland is expensive as I’m sure you know, we found the Baren Sigriswil to be great value at £130 per night. It has a lovely restaurant and amazing views overlooking the mountains!

Schilthorn, Switzerland

I’ve added lots of pictures over on my Instagram highlights in more detail. We spent our first day in Switzerland heading to the top of the Schilthorn. It’s expensive to get to the top (105 CHF each) but it’s really worth it if you make a day of it. Get to the ticket office as early as you can, we didn’t arrive until 11am and it took over two hours to get the cable car. The first one is around 8am so I really think that’s the best way to try and avoid the queues. It’s UNREAL at the top, It’s so magical it reminded me of Narnia! You can use a sleigh on most of the paths and just wander at your own pace, or of course ski on the black runs if you are a thrill seeker! There are hotels at the top too, we wished we would have known that before! I’ve added loads of the day to my Instagram highlights under ‘Interlaken’

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Oh Grindelwald is just so magical! We spent the day hiking up in the mountains. We caught the gondola from Grindelwald to First. (Marked “First parking in Grindelwald) costing 30 CHF each. It’s a 25 minute cable car to the top. We then hiked to Bachalpsee (which was snowed over, totally invisible…DOH!) and then hiked back to Grindelwald. In total it was around a 6 hour hike. I’ve added loads of the day to my Instagram highlights under ‘Grindelwald’

Switzerland > Luxembourg

We just made a quick stop in Luxembourg to grab a bite to eat en-route to Ghent!

Luxembourg > Ghent

We stayed in the Europahotel Ghent. It’s a twenty minute walk to the centre or there’s a tram stop at the end of the road. We had free parking too. It’s such a great value hotel at £60 a night! Ghent turned out to be one of our favourite cities, it’s been the perfect end to the perfect trip!

If you have any questions about travelling Europe, pop me a message I’m always happy to help. Whether it’s for restaurants, hotels, tolls, vignettes etc…I’ll do my best to find the answers for you.

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

Hannah & Quinn. xo


‘A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better.’


It is no secret that Quinn and I are just wishing for our little rainbow. We lost our daughter Luna in June 2018 and whilst nothing, or no-one will ever replace our beautiful first born baby girl, we are now starting to feel ready to look to the future and realistically start planning for our little rainbow.

We know we have a long, hard journey ahead, as I imagine falling pregnant after a loss will be hard, scary and exciting all in one, but we’re slowly starting to feel a little stronger and the thought doesn’t feel as scary as it did a few months ago!

We aren’t putting any pressure on ourselves, but equally we want to be as organised and prepared as we can be, which is why I have been doing lots of research all about the Ava Bracelet.

I have been tracking my cycle and fertility on apps ever since losing Luna, just to try and figure out my bodies pattern, but to be honest, they just don’t seem very accurate. That’s why I like the idea of the Ava Bracelet, it is clinically proven to track your cycle in real time and give you accurate results.

You wear the bracelet at night whilst you sleep, the way it works is so clever! It collects data based on your skin temperature, pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate, movement and sleep pattern etc to determine when your 5 most fertile days will be. Each morning you sync your bracelet to the app to see insights about your cycle. It just means you have really accurate data based on your own body’s movements.

It is really easy to set up too, you just download the Ava app from the App store or Google Play Store and create an account. Then you follow the simple instructions to sync your Ava, it will need charging for a couple of hours’ first, then you are ready to go!

When you put the Ava on at night, it vibrates to confirm it’s ready to track your patterns. You can start using it at any time, it will then gather all of the data and start accurately tracking your cycle.

It’s very early days at the moment, I have been wearing my bracelet for two weeks, it has worked brilliantly so far! It is so interesting reading all of your data in the morning, even just for the sleep patterns. It can even track how stressed you are, which is a big thing when you are focussing on trying to conceive.

It’s reassuring to know that Ava are tracking everything for me, it really does take so much stress away! I know that when the time is right, Ava will be our little helping hand on the next stage of our journey.

If you would like to try Ava, I have a discount code for £20 off. If you use hannah20 you will be able to purchase your Ava for £279 here.

Thanks Ava! Hannah xo

Blog post in collaboration with Ava Women, all views as always are my own.


It’s that time of year again! This is the Luxury Childrens gift guide!

From unique luxury swaddle blankets, to fun felt christmas stockings, you’ll find beautifully unique gifts which any kid will enjoy receiving.

Happy Shopping!

Amely Stars Bean Bag by Nobodinoz | £78

This is just the softest, comfiest beanbag ever! It creates a special little place for little ones to perch for a snack or enjoy a favourite book or film. Ideal for creating a soft area in a playroom or bedroom but stylish enough to earn a place in the grown-ups’ living room too. Made from durable cotton with removable covers to cope with eventual spills and stains. Matching Teepees available too!  Dimensions: Length 115cm, Width 77cm, Height 77cm.

Woodland Muslim Swaddle Blanket | £20

Perfect for someone who is planning a woodland theme nursery or an autumn baby. Large cotton swaddle blankets printed from Michelle’s original illustrations. Large, soft and perfect for swaddling your baby. They are 100% cotton and 120 cm x 120 cm.

Alice Flamingo Head with Wings | £69.95

 We all love Flamingos right? Especially Alice the Flamingo!

Alice is a delicate pale pink with multi layered, delicately stitched outstretched wings. She wears a festival inspired pink feather crown, decorated with dainty flowers. Fine needle felted details to her face and beak combined with tonal layers of pink appliqué feathers, bring the most gorgeous Alice to life!

Head and body measures approximately 50cm x 30cm – wing to wing 35cm. Beautifully presented in a pretty organic, cotton drawstring sack.

 Personalised Ribbon & Fringe Hoop | £22.50

The hoop can be personalised to include a name or word of your choice. The design is cut from oak veneer and then fixed on to linen ribbon. It is then carefully framed in Modo Creative’s Yorkshire studio. Ideal for any childs room or nursey. They’re available in a grey, pink or blue linen ribbon. (I want them all! The grey is lush.)

Dress Up Animal Felt Christmas Stocking | £39  

These handmade dress up animal Christmas stockings, ready to be filled with goodies, bring a dose of charming personality to your Christmas.

The perfect Christmas stocking for children, these little animals make such a sweet gift for the festive season, and will make Christmas Eve feel extra special!

Personalised Rocking Woolly Mammoth | £125

This soft and furry Mammoth rocker is sure to be your child’s favourite toy! With a sturdy wood base for a smooth ride, the rocker will be a welcome playtime friend. Personalise your own woolly mammoth rocker with any line of text of your choice too.


Set Of Four Farmyard Friends Soft Knit Baby Rattles | £20

Hand-knit baby rattle set for boys and girls! Made from the softest of cotton knits, this set of four farmyard friends – donkey, cow, lamb and pig – comes in a striped cotton basket. Sure to provide hours of entertainment!

Carson The Lion | £12

Strong and courageous. Carson will watch over your little one each night and be by their side through every adventure.

A wonderfully unique Bank-Lyon toy, suitable from birth and most importantly…machine washable!

New Baby Gift Box | £59

The perfect gift to welcome a beautiful new baby into the world! The gift box Includes a super soft white fleece blanket, panda rattle x 2 (foot & wrist), panda booties, leaf print bandana bib & white bandana bib, leaf print muslin & white muslin square, burts Bees mini beauty treat for Mum and loofa in a cotton wash bag, essential oil bath salts for Mum, wooden bunny door hanger & keepsake gift box.

Enjoy spoiling all the little humans in your life!

Hannah xo


It’s that time of year again! This is the ULTIMATE christmas gift guide!

From unique diaries and planners, to personalised bags, you’ll find beautifully unique gifts which anyone will enjoy receiving.

Happy Shopping!

 Cotton Woven Wall Hanging | £35.99

Maisons Du Monde have so many perfect gift ideas, it’s so hard to choose just one…I’ll take one of everything please! I could spend hours looking through the website, I get lost every time!

My favourite for the winter season is this woven wall hanging, it’s the perfect way to spruce up any empty space with a modern bohemian look!

 Personalised Cross Body Bag | £49

This handy little bag is perfect for days out or weekends away, it’s an ideal size for travelling! Made from a soft grain leather and available in 12 beautiful colours. You can personalise it too, to make it an extra special gift!

 Personalised Geometric Christmas Wreath | £35

Complete your home this festive season with this beautiful geometric Christmas wreath featuring your choice of family name! This beautiful Christmas wreath will look stunning on the front door or on the wall above the fireplace. Choose from our mirrored silver or mirrored gold acrylic.

Available in gold or silver. (I went for gold!)

 Miami Beige Pom Pom Clutch | £45

Embellished with fun handmade conrasting pompoms, the Miami Beige Clutch will add a vibrant pop of colour to your holiday wardrobe in the hot summer months.  Plus it has a waterproof lining, to make it the perfect travel companion!

The Deluxe Pamper Box | £54.95

Give someone the gift of time to relax and indulge. Containing the most indulgent bodycare products, this collection is for someone who deserves a luxurious pamper session in the comfort of their own home. Our Leathergoods and Bodycare products are all carefully made in the UK. This collection is designed to be personalised for a gift that will stand the test of time.


 2019 CEO OF MY OWN LIFE Planner | £46 Each 

This elegant and stunning 2019 daily planner is designed especially to encourage more work/life balance by prompting you to organise and plan for every area of your life: business & career | home & family | health & fitness | you with gratitude and positivity in the middle of it all. They are the ideal gift for Christmas!

They come PERFECTLY gift wrapped, I gasped when I opened the packaging. Such a pretty parcel!


Personalised Leather Family Travel Wallet | £44

This leather travel wallet is great for family adventures.  It’s large enough to hold all of our passports! It is decorated with a world map and our family name on the front. You can add a personalised message on the back too!

  Made from glazed cowhide you can choose from tan, turquoise blue or apple green.

 Mackeller Tartan Recycled Wool Blanket | £35 

The Mackellar tartan’s muted tones make it the perfect addition to any colour scheme. Soft greys and camel browns make up the base of the tartan, with bolder greys highlighting the pattern. The Tartan Blanket Co’s recycled wool blankets are an absolute favourite! Featuring purled fringed edges, these blankets are warm, durable and generous in size. Available in a variety of tartans, you will be sure to find the perfect one to match your mood or style.


 Gracie Herringbone Mule Slipper | £45

Whats better than a beautiful, stylish slipper? A beautiful, stylish AND comfortable slipper! You have just that with these Gracie Herringbone mule slippers with a memory foam footbed and a genuine Shearling wool lining.

All LazyDogz slippers come in a beautiful free gift box with a branded gift tag and black ribbon, making them the perfect gift for any occasion! In addition,  from every pair of Lazy Dogz or Beach Dogz sold, a £1 donation is made to Manchester Dogs Home – How amazing is that!

 Bisou Signature Candles | £29

Bisou Candle Co have 6 signature scents. They’re a sequence of sophisticated notes to transform your space. Crafted to entice your senses and take you on a journey to a lovingly familiar time. Handmade and gently developed.

 Personalised Cake Delivery | £14.99

How amazing is this! You can order a cake and design it yourself using Bakerdays. You can design it all online, exactly how you like and ship it to your recipient! Such a great idea. They have lots of designs to choose from too. The best thing is, it fits through the letterbox, you don’t even need to be at home to accept the delivery!

Moon Phase Necklace | $85.44

This moon phase necklace is a real eye-catcher. The light reflecting charms of this moon phase necklace are made with argentium silver, a purer silver than sterling and 100% recycled. The full moon charm measures approx. 8mm x 8mm.

Vacation Club Ladies Jumper | £34.99

This cute jumper will keep you warm in the crisp of autumn and look ultra fashionable and the envy of your friends. Ideal for your holiday this year where your jetting on on a trip around the world or just island hopping for a few days!

Jumpers are availble in a selection of colours with white vinyl lettering. Glitter colours upon request.

Embroidered Black & Cream Make-up Bag | £9.99

A personalised make up bag with thin black and cream stripes which can  be embroidered with the name of your choice in a gorgeous and on trend
copper embroidery thread, is a must have beauty gift that will be loved by the recipient.

This personalised makeup bag is made from natural cotton which gives it a high quality feel and makes it a great accessry for your handbag when
on the go!

Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty Box | £19.95

They started as a subscription box with a goal of making it as easy as possible for subscribers and non subscribers to buy Cruelty Free & Vegan products they can try & love all in one place! They know that not everyone wants to sign up straight away and wants to be able to try a one off box or buy one as and when they wish! That’s why you can either just buy one box for £19.95, or subscribe for 3 months for £43.50 or 6 months for £84.

✶ Fairytale Floral White Wooden Keepsake Box | £24.99

This stunning Personalised Fairytale Floral White Wooden Keepsake Box is perfect for storing all of life’s little treasures!

This wooden keepsake box can be personalised with 1 line of text up to 12 characters and with an additional line of text of up to 20 characters.

Luna’s Legacy Charity Christmas Cards | Pack of 9 | £5.50

These are our daughter Luna’s charity christmas cards. We are raising money for our local hospital to help build a baby bereavment delivery suite. If you are local to me, I can drop them off! Drop me a message on Facebook and I can try and get some to you! (The above link will head to my Facebook)

Click here for Luna’s story

What is top of your wishlist this year?

Hannah xo


Thurlstone Hotel | Luxury Hotel & Spa in Kingsbridge, South Devon

If you ask me what my favourite season is, hands down I would always say winter, but I think I’ve changed my mind! I am all for Autumn nowadays. The beaches look so beautiful with the autumnal colours in full swing! Even in the wind and the rain Devon looks amazing. (Yes, we were in Devon when storm Callum hit!) The bad weather didn’t stop us though, we had a lovely spa to look forward to after the blowy-beach-madness!

Firstly, I need to tell you how beautiful Thurlstone is. It’s just the cutest little village. It’s nestled in-between Bantham and Hope Cove (two v.pretty spots!) The drive into Thurlstone is really pretty; imagine thatched cottages, winding roads, a typical English pub….and you’re in Thurlstone! The walks are all stunning too, it is the best location to explore Bantham Beach, Thurlstone Beach and Hope Cove. We drove over to Salcombe (20 mins) & South Milton sands (10 mins) too – They’re really close! There are just so many options to choose from, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice!

We spent the first day exploring Kingsbridge, Bantham & Thurlstone beach. I would definitely recommend getting a national trust parking pass if you plan to drive, as otherwise you will end up paying quite a lot in car parking. Each beach is around £5, even if you only want to go for quick walk!

We spent the second day exploring Salcombe and Hope Cove – WOW THEY’RE PRETTY PLACES! It is places like these that make us wish we lived by the sea! Just so beautiful and that was in the rain too, imagine in the sunshine!

Where did we stay?

We stayed in The Thurlstone Hotel. It’s just everything you need and more. We really wanted a weekend to relax and that’s what we did!

There are so many cute, cosy spots around the hotel. The lounge has sea views, a bookcase of dreams and a cosy sofa with tea and cake on tap….That’s a winner for me! I could have easily spent all day in there.

They have SO many festive activities coming up, I will seriously have to keep coming back!

November 24th: Festive Murder Mystery Dinner £50pp

December 6th & 13th: Ladies Lunch & Christmas Wreath Making (THE DREAM!) £24.95pp

December 1st – 21st December: Festive Afternoon Tea £19.95pp

The rooms are incredible, we had such a pretty room with a sea view. The bed is SO comfy too, we were in bed by 7pm ready for XFactor to start! (Could it get any better?!)

Pretty much wherever you go in the hotel you will have amazing views. The restaurant is no exception! It’s such a beautiful setting. They’ve been voted ‘South Devons Best Restaurant’ – You can really see why.

They have lots of different menu options, including an amazing 7-course taster menu.

They also have the Village Inn next door, it’s a little more casual. It has a real gastropub kind of vibe. They serve great local ales too…Which of course Quinn loved! (Whilst I sat with my afternoon cuppa!)

We spent lots of time together in The Voyage Spa. It has a really lovely atmosphere. Quinn made the most of the sauna and steam room, whilst I sat reading my book and having a little occasional swim! It is so nice to switch off from the world!

Quinn went for a Swedish neck, back and shoulder massage (£39) and I went for a manicure. I haven’t had my nails done for soooooo long so I fancied a little treat! I had the express mani, which is £28. You get to keep the nail varnish they use too which I think is a really lovely touch! Quinn loved his massage, he has never had one before. I think we’ve started something new, he is obsessed!


We’ve had such a lovely weekend away. We only had time for one night over the weekend this time, but it has certainly left us wanting more!

Enjoy! Hannah xo


Blog post in collaboration with The Thurlstone Hotel & Voyage Spa.. All views my own as always!



It might be 3 months until Christmas, but it is only 2 months until you can open the first door on your advent calendar!

The 1st December marks the start of the countdown to Christmas, let the excitement commence!

Here are some of my 2018 favourites, whether you love crisps, candles, beer or cheese….There is an advent calendar for you!


Winter in Venice Advent Calendar £49.99

What a great way to start your countdown to Christmas with this gorgeous Advent Calendar filled with a collection of toiletries in five signature scents. Behind each door lies a handy travel size toiletry product from vitamin enriched lotions, body butters, shower gels, bubble bath, fizzers, and salts. Also, all of their toiletries are free from sulphates, parabens, minerals, paraffins and DEA. The PERFECT advent calendar for someone who loves travelling!

Buttermilk Fudge Advent Calendar £14.99

Behind each door you’ll find an assortment of individually-wrapped treats along with fun festive charade challenges! Enjoy Mince Pie, Rum Hot Chocolate and Gingerbread crumbly fudge. You’ll also get an indulgent bar of Caramel Sea Salt fudge covered with milk chocolate.

Christmas Tree Beer Advent Calendar £85

Remember the childhood excitement of opening a new advent window every morning and the anticipation of enjoying what was hidden behind it? Well now you can recreate that but with something a lot more fun; delicious British beer! The only beer Christmas tree in the world!

Pringles Advent Calendar B&M £8

The calendar has 12 doors to countdown to Christmas, where you’ll find a 40g tub of Pringles behind each one! They come with a range of popular Pringles’ flavours including original, salt and vinegar and sour cream.

Yankee Candle Fold Out Advent Calendar £34.99

This festive Advent Calendar is full of sparkle and festive flair. Beautifully boxed for gift giving, this clever calendar opens up to reveal a magical holiday scene.

Aspen Forest Wooden Advent Calendar £29.99

Inspired by the frosted forests of Aspen, the white mini calendar cabinet is snow dusted and adorned with woodland silhouettes. With 3 LEDs radiating a warm white glow, this whimsical Christmas decoration will transport you to a magical winter wonderland in no time!

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar £12

Life’s too short for boring advent calendars! Welcome to the most gourmet, vegan advent calendar you’ll ever eat. Chocolate is so last year anyway.

Marshmallow Advent Calendar £15

The World’s first gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar returns – and it’s even better than last year!

Behind each door, you’ll find sumptuous alternating flavours which include: Salted Caramel, Candy Floss, Strawberry Cream, Gingerbread, Mint Choc Chip & S’mores! The milk chocolate spoon behind door 25 will make a delicious real hot chocolate drink and includes a classic Vanilla Bean marshmallow to be dropped on top, dunked, or just scoffed – we won’t judge!

The Gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar completely SOLD OUT last year, so please don’t leave it too late to order.

Personalised Dog Advent Calendar £24.50

Treat your four legged friend to a personalised dog advent calendar wreath. Make your dog’s Christmas extra special!

This is Ruby the Puggle….You can imagine the fun we had trying to get this shot! What you can’t see is my moms hand teasing her with treats LOL!

Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar £40

Don’t let the kids have all the fun this advent! This coffee advent calendar is full of 12 different coffees (so two of the same coffee will be in your calendar); one for each day leading up to Christmas Day! And this time, for all you real coffee fanatics, our advent calendar is available in WHOLE BEAN, meaning you can grind it down just to how you like it!

Personalised Luxury Fabric Advent Calendar £79.50

Luxury king size embroidered fabric advent calendar is the perfect way to count down the days and make precious memories. An heirloom piece to be enjoyed year after year, this will become part of your family Christmas traditions.

 Scandi House Advent Calendar £34.99

A gorgeous scandi style, soft fabric Advent Calendar in a house design is a great alternative to a chocolate advent calendar that can be used year after year.  This gorgeous house shaped advent calendar will soon become a Christmas favourite as the whole family gets involved in the countdown to Christmas!

L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendar £49

L’OCCITANE’s much-loved beauty Advent Calendar is back for 2018!

Indulge a loved one or treat yourself to a luxurious pre-Christmas gift with the L’OCCITANE Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar presenting a new gift each day with everything from shower gels, shampoos, soaps, eau de toilette.

Illustrated by the fashion house CASTELBAJAC Paris, this Beauty Advent Calendar features 24 of our most loved products, and is the ideal way to countdown to Christmas. Don’t miss out, this annual favourite sells out every year!


I can’t wait until December 1st! Have you seen any other cool advent calendars this year? Which one is your favourite?

Hannah xo